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Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Newbie Project: Flavoring and Carbonation

Part 4: Experimenting with flavors
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Water Kefir Starter Kit
Let's get started.
JR is making water kefir for the first time with our Water Kefir Starter Kit.
His first batch of water kefir has finished its first fermentation, and is ready to be bottled and flavored! Here's how he did it:
Water Kefir Supplies
1. Gather Ingredients & Supplies
2 Grolsch-style Bottles
-  Plastic funnel
Plastic Strainer (from Water Kefir Starter Kit)
-  2 tbsp crystallized ginger, cut into small pieces
-  2 cups apple juice
-  1 tsp cinnamon
-  Finished batch of water kefir
JR: "The recipe I created consists of a teaspoon of cinnamon, 2 cups of apple juice, and about 2 tablespoons worth of cut up pieces of ginger. I chose these flavors because I think the combination will taste good together. It is kind of an experiment."
Flavoring and Bottling Water Kefir
2. Add Ingredients to Bottles
Before adding his cultured water kefir to the bottles, JR added his flavoring ingredients.
Flavoring and Bottling Water Kefir
3. Strain out the Grains, and add the Water Kefir
After adding his flavoring ingredients, JR added his strained water kefir, making sure to leave an inch of head space in each bottle. He then added his grains to fresh sugar water and left them to culture a new batch of water kefir.
Flavoring and Bottling Water Kefir
4. Let Culture, Burping Daily
JR closed the bottles securely and left them to culture. Over the next few days, he'll be checking his bottled kefir, "burping" each bottle once a day to relieve pressure buildup.

What are you looking for when you check your bottles?

"When I check my bottles I'm looking to see if bubbles are forming, changes in color, and carbonation. I don't expect much else to occur while it sits."

What do you expect when you open your bottles?

JR: "I expect when I open a bottle I will immediately smell the ginger and cinnamon. I expect a little fizz sound like opening a soda or carbonated drink."

Do you plan to share your flavored water kefir?

"I want everyone to get a chance to taste it, mainly because I made it and I want people to taste the greatness that I've made. Maybe once people try it and enjoy it they will want to make their own."

Up next: JR shares his finished water kefir.
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