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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Newbie Project: A Little Explosion?

Part 5: The Payoff!
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The results are in!
JR is making water kefir for the first time with our Water Kefir Starter Kit.
Last time, he bottled his water kefir with his own recipe of about apple juice, crystallized ginger, and cinnamon. After fermenting in the bottles for another 7 days while he went out of town, his kefir is ready to try! Here's how it went:
Water Kefir Supplies
A little explosion
JR's recipe included a lot of sugary apple juice and crystallized ginger for the second fermentation in the bottles, plus his out-of-town trip meant his bottles fermented longer than we recommend without "burping" to let out extra carbonation. His kefir really responded to the extra sugar, and he had a bit of an explosion!

JR: "The advice I would give to people would be DON'T forget to burp the bottles after the finished product is bottled. Make sure to follow all directions as closely as possible."
Water Kefir Supplies
The verdict: how does it taste?
JR strained out the bits of ginger in his kefir soda and took a taste. The kefir was only slightly sweet with a strong ginger flavor. It reminded him of Bermuda ginger beer, one of his favorite drinks: "My water kefir turned out a lot better than I expected. The taste was just right and refreshing. It wasn't too sweet, and the flavor was great."
Kefir Cultures and Kits
Sharing with friends
JR shared his water kefir with some friends here at Cultures for Health (with another small explosion). It was a hit! It seems he may have inspired some seasoned fermenters with his unique recipe.
Kefir Cultures and Kits
Kefir Cultures and Kits
The Takeaway
With a successful (maybe slightly too successful) batch under his belt, we asked JR about his overall experience making water kefir.

What was it like making water kefir?

"Making the water kefir was very easy. Once you get the hang of the measurements and the steps it gets repetitive. I would say the only hard part was opening the bottles when it's all done (which was pretty enjoyable)."

Where do you go from here? Are you going to keep making water kefir?

JR: "I will make water kefir again in the future, mainly for friends and family and to teach people."

Any cultured foods you want to try next?

JR: "Next I want to try to make sourdough bread. Not sure which one yet."
Kefir Cultures and Kits
Thanks for following along!
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