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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Whole30 ~ Hunter's Stew ~ Healthy Resolve Beats Cancer ~ Kale vs Cow ~ 25 lb Burger Bargain

January 10, 2018    Canton, MO
US Wellness Meats News Alert - In This Issue  

Health Article ~ Don't Give Up: Keeping New Year's Resolutions May Reduce Cancer Risk
Recipe Corner ~  Bigos Polish Hunter's Stew
Sale Items ~ 25 lb Ground Beef Bundle, Kabobs, Steaks, Roasts, and More
Category Sale ~ Save On Everything In Our Resolutions Category

Enter To Win ~ Win Our $150 Pivot2Table Prize Pack

New USWM Product ~ Free Range Chicken Gizzards
USWM Shout Out ~ Kale vs Cow: The Case For Better Meat

Dear Atlanta,
Resolving To Make Healthy Choices
New Year's Resolutions can be a challenge and that's probably an understatement. There are new routines to get used to and sometimes it requires giving up things you've come to love. Remember, good choices are bound to deliver good results. Think positive, stick to can succeed!

In order to help with the good food choices, we've assembled some delicious foods from our Resolutions category. These are select special diet items loaded with good nutrition and no junk...No preservatives, No MSG, and No nitrates or nitrites. Add these to your menu for a healthy start to the new year. As you'll see below, they're also on sale this week.

Remember, it's never too late to start. Whole30 offers some very helpful ideas for beginning and sticking with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Check on their new Coaching program for local gatherings or get certified to start your own. We have a variety of Whole30 approved items to choose from in our online store! And, if you watch them on social media, you might find some upcoming chances to win!

Resolutions Category Sale
Save on every item in our Resolutions category including Sugar-Free Bacon, Wild-Caught Salmon, Pork Rinds, Beef, Ground 55% Lean with Beef Heart, and so much more!

Category sale items are automatically discounted when you place them in your cart.  
Specials This Week | Save Up To 15%
New Product | Free Range Chicken Gizzards
We're pleased to offer free range chicken gizzards as a new product to our store. These are free of GMO's, antibiotics and hormones. US Wellness chickens are sustainably raised by our partner farms. We only have a limited quantity of these delicacies available each year so act quickly. It's first come, first served. 

Enter To Win | Pivot2Table Giveaway
We're giving away a $150 Prize Pack to one lucky winner. Enter and you could win a package loaded with nutritious, sustainably raised foods.

USWM Shout Out | Kale vs Cow
Know your food. Know your farmer. If you haven't already, check out Diana Rodgers latest effort to promote sustainably raised foods. See the Kale vs Cow trailer and get involved in spreading the word.
Very Sincerely,
John & Staff on behalf of the farm families of US Wellness Meats

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Chicken Apple Sausages
Beef Sliders 6 (3 oz)
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Beef Neck Bones 1.25 lbs 
All sale item discounts expire at 10:00 pm CST on Saturday, January 13th, 2018. 
(51 g)

Beef Marrow Bone Broth 
(14 lbs)
(1 lb) 
Lamb Tallow
(2 lbs)

5 (0.25 lb) links
(8 oz)

Beef Cheeks (1 lb pkg)
BBQ Pulled Pork 
(2 lbs)

(8 oz pkg)

(1 lb pkg) Limited Qty
Health News

The New Year is an excellent time to make resolutions for a healthy lifestyle - but by the end of the first week of January, even the best intentions may start to pall.

But research published this week in "e-Cancer Medical Science" may provide the motivation needed to stick with it - those hard-won healthy choices may lead to a total reduction of about one-third in cancer risk.

Customer Feedback
"Amazing! Full of fat!"
"We tried this for the first time and it was delightful. The fat is where the flavor is and has a high nutritional value!  It was the perfect amount of meat and fat allowing it to be the savory taste pork belly is meant to be! Ranks right up there next to USWM Ribeyes!" 
Sarah H. of Topanga, CA   
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Recipe Corner
Here's a hearty dish dating back to the middle ages you'll delight in serving on cold winter days. This is a hunter's stew recipe from Russ Crandall, The Domestic Man. Russ specializes in developing these recipes from various cultures around the world. 

Big USWM Thanks to Russ Crandall for his delicious take on this time honored dish! Visit Russ at his blog, The Domestic Man. He has some fabulous paleo cookbooks and more recipes and kitchen tips available.
Farm Photos 

This, steep enough for sledding hill, is still providing some stockpiled forage in early January.  Non-GMO alfalfa hay is being provided to add energy and protein for cold weather grazing. Not far away, the Illinois River is a solid sheet of thick ice from bank to bank.  

Rolling hills and plenty of tree cover provides excellent winter protection from the elements in the old fashioned winter that has engulfed the Midwest over the past four weeks.  These same areas would have sheltered Buffalo in the 1700's! 

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