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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cozy Up and Get Crafty

Cozy Up and Get Crafty

LocalHarvest farmers grow all kinds of beautiful fruits, veggies and foods for us, but did you know that we've also go a whole cadre of fiber farmers in the mix? Our membership includes a number of small farms who raise sheep, goats and alpaca for their fiber, and that fiber becomes lovely yarns and rovings for your next craft project.

For inspiration check out the mohair and wool blends from The McRanch, colorful Leicester Longwool from Lake View Farm, Merino from Fleecewood Farm, and Mohair and Angora blends from Bloomingdale Farm Angoras. We love the natural colors from Shetland and Leicester from Little Spring Farm, and gorgeous naturally dyed goldenrod and indigo yarns from Hill and Hollow CSA.

For felting projects, or if you like to spin your own yarns, we've got a great variety of natural and colored rovings. Last but not least, sheepskin pelts and handwoven wool blankets are about as comfy-cozy as it gets. You'll love the soft feel of these pelts, provided by small farmers, produced with care.

'Til next time, stay warm and cozy!

-- The LocalHarvest Team