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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Duck - Duck - Goose!

Duck - Duck - Goose!

They're back! Yes, fresh duck and goose eggs are now available from Florida and Pennsylvania LocalHarvest farmers. Did you know that duck eggs are especially prized for use in baking? Because of higher fat content in the yolk, and more protein in the white part of the egg, you'll get richer, fluffier cakes and rolls. Give them a try and see for yourself!

While you're shopping for your next baking project, check out Fillmore Farms exceptional raw certified organic, air-dried walnuts. Their nuts are processed on-farm with their own equipment, free from peanut, wheat, soy, dairy, or other food-based allergens. If you like amazingly good, fresh walnuts, Fillmore is the place to find them. Fluffy banana bread with organic walnuts, anyone?

As always, thanks for supporting LocalHarvest farmers.

-- The LocalHarvest Team