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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Fresh Blood Oranges are In!

Fresh Blood Oranges are In!

Why are we so excited about blood orange season? We're thinking of colorful winter salads, tangy sips of sparkling blood orange cocktails, and sweet toppings for cakes and waffles. Not to mention the naked fruit itself, tasty sweet-tart wedges of beautiful orangey red goodness.

Check out Martha Stewart's 15 Brillant Blood Orange Recipes for inspiration. Our favorite, for the moment, are the blood-orange pavlovas with Grand Marnier.

Speaking of tangy-sweet, Fairview Orchards is offering 10% off their Meyer lemons and mixed citrus fruit box. And if you love the delightful kumquat (also fabulous in marinades, toppings and salads), Beck Grove, Rick's Seasonal Produce and Malek Ranch have them awaiting your pleasure.

Citrus season is just beginning! We'll post future announcements as we roll into spring.

Enjoy your play in the kitchen!

-- The LocalHarvest Team