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Thursday, February 22, 2018

News Digest: Book Club Re-Cap & Food Freedom Legislation

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Hi Atlanta,

Happy Thursday! We hope you enjoyed reading The Raw Milk Revolution with us, for the first installment of our monthly book club. See our take on this food freedom classic below.

It's been a busy week for food freedom legislation at the state level! Proposed bills in Tennessee and Utah are making headway, and, if passed, would be a boost to producers and consumers in those states. 

Lastly, we are seeking to increase our attorney base in all 50 states. Working with the FTCLDF is an excellent opportunity to join a dynamic nonprofit that seeks real and lasting change in the food freedom movement. Click HERE to learn more.

Have a great week!


P.S. Tomorrow (Friday) is National Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Day! If you're a consumer, remember to sign up for your annual CSA share so that your farmer will be prepared to put food on your plate.
Thursday, February 22
Raw Milk Revolution Re-Cap 

In January we launched the FTCLDF book club and our first book was The Raw Milk Revolution by David E. Gumpert. We thoroughly enjoyed Gumpert's robust, in-depth look into the raw milk climate in the United States as access to raw milk is an important issue for the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Click HERE to read our response to The Raw Milk Revolution and to find out the next book club title.
Action Alerts

Click HERE to read about SB 2104 in Tennessee, which if passed would expand the kinds of foods that residents could legally make in their home kitchens and sell directly to consumers without regulation.

Click HERE to learn about SB 108 in Utah, which would expand access to raw milk in the state.
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