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Sunday, February 25, 2018

One Potato, Two Potato ... Your Food Choices Count!

One Potato, Two Potato ... Your Food Choices Count!

If you're looking for a CSA to join, or you're renewing your contract, now is the time to do it. It's been over thirty years since the start of Community Supported farming in North America, and more and more folks have become familiar with the concept of buying fresh, in-season produce from your local farmer. If you've put the concept into practice, you know the flavor of a fresh snap pea or carrot, and the sweetness of a summertime tomato. Each bite resonates like a delicious chord played within body and soul.

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Originally CSA was an idea set out by small farmers as a way to sustain their small businesses, and to create relationships with the people they grow food for. Whether you're loading up your produce bags at market, or signing up for your CSA box delivery, you're supporting and giving back to the people that grow for you, and that's still a powerful choice. Enjoy the bounty!

-- The LocalHarvest Team