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Thursday, February 8, 2018

So, you want to make cheese?

Our Beginner's Guide for getting started making cheese at home.
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Cheesemaking Kits
Cheesemaking Kits
With everything from quick and kid-friendly 30-minute mozzarella to pressed and aged Parmesan, cheesemaking is one of the most versatile - and impressive - culturing hobbies. With just a few supplies, you can make a wide range of cheeses. We'll walk you through just where to start.
Since cheesemaking can be such a versatile and complex undertaking, we recommend beginners start with soft, fresh cheeses. Start with some light reading to understand the basic steps of cheesemaking and the role of different ingredients, and you'll know enough to get started.
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Cheesemaking Basics
Introduction to Soft Cheeses
You may already have an idea of the type of soft cheese you'd like to make: cream cheese, ricotta, and so on. Your recipe will ultimately determine the ingredients you'll need, such as a starter culture, rennet, and the type of milk, and which supplies you'll need, such as butter muslin or a cheese mold. This is why we recommend choosing your cheese and recipe before picking supplies. It's just easier that way!
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How to Make Ricotta Cheese
How to Make Chevre Cheese
How to Make Queso Blanco
How to Make Fromage Blanc
Your recipe should list out exactly what you'll need. We designed our cheese kits specifically to gather all the supplies you need to make a variety of cheeses, and we offer a range of high-quality ingredients and tools to help you make cheese at home.
More about cheese supplies:
Cheesemaking Supplies for Beginners
Milk for Cheesemaking
Our recommendations:
This is what it's all about: make your cheese! Make sure you've read through your recipe before you start to time any long breaks while you wait for the curd to set or whey to drain off.
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Cutting the Curd
Solving Curd Problems
Making cheese at home makes big batches of deliciousness. Browse our recipe archive for ways to flavor your cheese, cook with it, and other ways to make your cheese even more delicious.
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