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Monday, March 26, 2018

Carlton Farms Newsletter 3-26-18

Delivery News
REMINDER: Order deadline is Noon the day before we deliver:
In addition to all of the new features we added to home delivery last week (I left the new features listed below). We also expanded the map and rearranged a little. Any time we reorganize the map, it is so we can continue to get more efficient with our deliveries. If you live n any of the colored zones below we will be glad to delivery to your door. 

  • After making home deliveries for several months, we feel like we have learned quite a bit about efficiency and service. Today we are taking what we learned, and announcing a refresh to the home delivery program.  All of the updates will make home delivery an even more valuable option for you. With no further adieu, here are the changes you will see this week as you place your order. 
    • Lower Delivery Fee - As we make more deliveries on each route, we can do so more efficiently. New fees are as follows:
      • Order TotalDelivery Fee
    • NO Deposit charges - We will still request that you send back your home delivery coolers for re-use, however we will not be charging a deposit. We think being environmentally responsible is incentive enough. 
    • We'll leave your order in your cooler with ice packs - If you just don't want to keep up with the delivery cooler until your next delivery, you can now leave a well marked cooler with ice/ice packs. We will transfer that order upon delivery. Please leave "driver notes" in your account if you want to use this option.
    • Prime Membership: We saved the best for last. You can now become a Carlton Farms Prime Member. For $99 per year, you can receive: Free delivery, Early Access to new products, Insulated Bag, and Farm Activity Discounts.  

FarmFan: Get Text Message Reminders and Receive Rewards.
As one of our Farmfans you are able to receive text message reminders, both to place your order and to come pick-up your order. You will also have the ability to check-in when you pick-up. As you accumulate check-ins you will earn rewards such as Grocery Bags, T-shirts, Discounts.

On the Farm

Chirp Chirp episode 4:

The first batch of broilers left the cozy confines of the brooder this weekend and are now enjoying the pasture. The grass is green and they are enjoying it. Now let me brag a little. Normally there is a small amount of mortality that is expected when you deal with a large number of these very fragile young creatures. You may or may not know that chicks are shipped through the mail. The hatchery adds a few extra chicks to make up for any early losses. We ordered 200 form the hatchery, and put 208 in the brooder. We did loose two within the first day, but none after

 that. I think this is the first time we have went to pasture with more chicks (206) than we actually bought. Credit goes to a nice group of chicks from Freedom Ranger Hatchery, and great brooder management from a relatively new farm employee Ricky Boyd. 

  We are constantly sharing the goings on at Carlton Farms via our social media pages. Become social with us on:  

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Thanks for your continued support. At Carlton Farms we are proud to be your farmer.


Chad Carlton
Carlton Farms
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