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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sustainably Raised Beef is Best!

Sustainably Raised Beef is Best!

Braised beef, roasts and stews are the foundation of nourishing winter dishes. These lovely dishes don't have to be time-consuming and can delight your family for a few meals!

LocalHarvest features a number of small-herd ranchers who offer excellent sustainably raised beef. Take America's Best Wagu, of Denton, Nebraska for example. They offer Wagu, also known as Kobe beef, a type of beef that boasts intense marbling and a high percentage of 'inter-muscular' unsaturated fat. America's Best Wagu cattle are of over 80% Wagu genetics, which means that their beef is the real thing, and you'll notice the difference! Choose from a variety of cuts and combination packages, from ground beef to short ribs, and even garlic beef sausage 'shorties'.

If you're a grass-fed beef fan, look no further than Pops Grass Fed Beef and 8 O'clock Ranch. Pops offers grass-fed Angus beef roasts, tenderloins, steaks and more. Their beef is pasture-raised without hormones on grass growing without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Last but not least, 8 O'clock Ranch offers meat-share style beef packages such as a mixed quarter of beef, or their Meat Share, which includes Berkshire pork and chicken by request. 8 O'clock beef, lauded for it's high quality and fine flavor, is raised in the St. Lawrence Valley area of New York without hormones or antibiotics.

We love this simple Braised Beef with Seasonal Vegetables recipe from Williams Sonoma. Check it out if you're looking to try something warm, delicious and simple.

Stay nourished and enjoy your time in the kitchen!

-- The LocalHarvest Team