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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Tarocco? Isn't that a type of Volkswagen?

Dear LocalHarvest Customer,

No, not Scirocco - Tarocco! The blood orange grown by our friends at Grateful Davis Organic Farm. Some fun facts about Taroccos: they are the sweetest of the blood oranges, which have a little more "tang" than your average sweet orange. Tarocco blood oranges are also said to have the highest vitamin C content of any orange. And - wait for this - they are seedless.

Last but not least, Rancho Charanda has come up with another great fruit box this season called Lemonade Stand. It's got everything you need for your kid's lemonade stand: tree ripe, juicy, fresh picked lemons, a citrus juicer, mini menu board, and recipes. They're offering 20% off on the Lemonade Stand kit and regular lemon boxes through April 30th.


-- The LocalHarvest Team