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Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Spring Apothecary

Dear LocalHarvest Customer,

Springtime brings sunnier days, crisp breezes, and little green shoots and buds bursting forth from winter-dormant trees. On the flip side, spring seasonal transitions also generate pesky sneezes and sniffles. LocalHarvest features fabulous herbalists who make tried-and-true home remedies for easing these common seasonal maladies.

Mickelberry Gardens has a beautiful selection of honey tonics to help with irritated throats and lungs. Their Throat and Lung Tonic is made with raw honey, raw apple cider vinegar, propolis and a combination of herbs to support respiratory health. Sharon Hubbs-Kreft, 3rd generation herbalist, also provides medicinal teas, many of which are great to have on hand in a home herbal first-aid kit, for a wide variety of ailments.

Cooking with fresh, colorful, lively vegetables and fruits is simply one of the best ways to be healthy. Add to that sharing your meal with others, taking a little time to relax, taste and enjoy -- now there's a recipe for contentedness. You can find some of the best delicious, field-fresh veggies available by box subscription from CSA farms in your area. Spring is a great time to sign up with your local CSA!

Eat well and take good care,

-- The LocalHarvest Team