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Friday, May 25, 2018

JOEL SALATIN is Coming to Oregon!

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Hi Atlanta,

You read that rightJoel Salatin will be joining us in Oregon on July 7 for an exclusive workshop on building a sustainable farm business! 

If you're like most farmers, you have a never-ending to-do list on the farm that never seems to get done...

You know, things like taking those old tires behind the barn to the dump, painting the dingy milk room, weed-eating all the fence lines, filling in the potholes in the driveway
the list goes on and on! 

And you know too that sometimes farming can feel lonely and isolating, like you're crazy for following such an unconventional dream as sustainable farming.

Which is why it's essential to connect, network, and learn with other like-minded farmers. You will get that opportunity in our 4-hour workshop with Joel, FTCLDF attorney Elizabeth Rich, and Charlotte Smith from 3 Cow Marketing. 

Get your tickets HERE
they're selling out quickly!

When we ask farmers what first inspired their passion for farming, or how they got started eating a farm-fresh diet, they usually relate it back to Joel somehow.

His books introduced many people to rotational grazing 13 years ago, and are where many people first heard about sustainable farming. 

Joel travels frequently and speaks at many events, but the Profitable Farm Workshop is a unique opportunity. You and fellow farmers will have a small audience with Joel for several hours, asking questions and absorbing as much knowledge as possible.

We hope you can join us at Champoeg Creamery in St. Paul, Oregon on July 7. We'll learn tons from Joel, Elizabeth, and Charlotte.

We are also throwing in a free copy of Charlotte's new book, Farm Marketing from the Heart.

Lastly, all proceeds will go to support the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund so we can continue to protect the rights and freedoms to produce and access farm fresh food.

So please join us in welcoming Joel to Oregon! Space is limited and we are expected to sell out of tickets. 

It will be an amazing opportunity and we do hope to see you there.

Oh, and please do forward this to all the farmers you know who are eager to build their own sustainable and profitable farms!


Get your tickets HERE!
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