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Thursday, May 3, 2018

NEWS DIGEST: CSA Benefits & a Heartfelt Thank-You

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Paleo f(x)
Hi Atlanta,

Happy Thursday, food freedom lover! 

This week we bring you a post about the benefits of CSAs and a shout out to our wonderful volunteers who represented us at Paleo f(x) in Austin and Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville last weekend. We are eternally grateful for each of our volunteers, members, and donors because we couldn't do any of our work without them. Also, we are just one month into the Toast Goodbye to the Raw Butter Ban Campaign, and so far we have met 12% of our fundraising goal! See below for more on these topics and learn how YOU can get more involved in this exciting food freedom movement!

Remember to sign up to join the mailing list about the upcoming Profitable Farm Workshops featuring Joel Salatin and be the first to know when the limited number of tickets go on sale! See below for more info.

Also, are you an attorney seeking to make real and lasting change in the food freedom movement? Then we want you to join us! Learn more now

Have a real-food-filled week!

Thursday, May 3 
Think Inside the Box: 7 Reasons to Support CSAs

Community supported agriculture, more commonly referred to by its acronym, CSA, is a direct-to-consumer model of agriculture where the consumer purchases a subscription to the farm's offerings before the season begins. The consumer usually picks up from the farm, a farm stand, or...

Book Club
Book Club Update 
We hope you enjoyed reading Sharing the Harvest: A Citizen's Guide to Community Supported Agriculture by Elizabeth Henderson. 

The next book we are featuring is A Precautionary Tale:
How One Small Town Banned Pesticides, Preserved Its Food Heritage, and Inspired a Movement by Philip Ackerman-Leist. In her forward to the book, Vandana Shiva calls on readers to take similar action to defend their own traditional foodways.

Raw Butter Ban
Toast Goodbye to the Raw Butter Ban
For our 2018 campaign, we have set our sights on raw butter and increasing its accessibility to YOU! Raw butter is an incredible source of vitamins, fats, and proteins and, most likely, you are legally unable to buy it. 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a ban on the transportation of raw dairy products, including our favorite toast accompaniment: raw butter. We believe the ban should be lifted. FTCLDF has filed a petition and intends to hire attorneys to fight for a repeal of the ban. 

We have a goal of raising at least $50,000 by October 5, 2018 and we need your help to toast goodbye to this ban! Will you join us? 

Profitable Farm Workshop
This year we are bringing you TWO workshops to help you learn about increasing the profitability of your sustainable farm. Joel Salatin will be speaking along with FTCLDF Executive Director Elizabeth Rich and Charlotte Smith of 3 Cow Marketing. Learn more or join the waiting list so that you're the first to know when tickets go on sale! 
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