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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Specialty Peppers and Heirloom Tomato Bonanza

Dear LocalHarvest Customer,

Yep, we said bonanza. Why? Because we have a mother lode of specialty pepper and tomato starts for your garden! Maybe you're looking forward to planting your favorite homegrown veggie varieties, or perhaps you're looking to try some new ones. Either way, it's likely we've got something irresistible waiting for you.

Refining Fire Chiles are growers of specialty peppers, heirloom vegetables and hard-to-find plant varieties. They've got extremely hot peppers (grab your gloves, folks!) as well as milder frying peppers, like Shishito, and Piment d'Espalette, a Basque pepper used in cooking or in dried form.

Lazy Ox Farm grows beautiful heirloom tomato seedlings to help you get a head-start on your summer garden. Try top favorites like Cherokee Purple, Copia (a sweet yellow tomato with thin red stripes) and Green Zebra, or have Lazy Ox select six tomato plants for you, taking into account your growing region. Lazy Ox Farm also offers pepper, eggplant and other heirloom veggie starts to round out your garden.

Now is the time for ordering and planting your peppers and tomatoes!

Happy gardening,

-- The LocalHarvest Team