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Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Heavenly Mamey Sapote

Dear LocalHarvest Customer,

Mamey sapote, pronounced "mah-may", is one of the yummiest tropical fruits you'll ever meet. Its flavor is like "sweet pumpkin with a maraschino cherry-almond twist"; the texture, smooth and creamy. Being a tropical fruit, mamey grown within the United States is found mostly in South Florida, home to rare tropical fruit grower Fresh Gardens. Lucky for us, Fresh Gardens has mamey sapote, sapodillas, and other delicious seasonal tropical fruit, available now through LocalHarvest.

Many people love to eat mamey sapote plain, blended as a milkshake, or as a refreshing, naturally sweet non-dairy smoothie. We found a fabulous Mamey Flan recipe from Chef Allan's Consulting. Take a look at this heavenly treat!

We'll look forward to more tropicals as the season progresses, especially lychees at the end of May.


-- The LocalHarvest Team