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Monday, June 4, 2018

Carlton Farms Newsletter 6-4-18

Delivery News
REMINDER: Order deadline is Noon the day before we deliver:
  • Vacation Announcement:
    • All deliveries are operating as usual this week, but next week I will be taking a family vacation. Since I will be out of town, there will be no Mobile Market delivery June 13, 14, or 15. Home delivery and Drop-off locations will run as usual, but we cannot handle everyone switching over to those options in the same week. 
    • If you have already been receiving delivery via home delivery or drop-off, then there will be no change for you. If you normally pick-up form one of our Mobile Market stops, please stock up this week with 2 weeks worth of farm fresh essentials. 
  • Chickens are available online. There are a few whole birds left. Leg quarters and breast quarters are perfect for the grill, and plenty of those are still available. Plenty of Beef, Pork, Fish, and Lamb are still online as well. Order meat here 
  • Egg production has bee up since mid spring, Because production is up, we were able to drop our egg price to $6. Enjoy some excellent pasture raised eggs.  
FarmFan: Get Text Message Reminders and Receive Rewards.
As one of our Farmfans you are able to receive text message reminders, both to place your order and to come pick-up your order. You will also have the ability to check-in when you pick-up. As you accumulate check-ins you will earn rewards such as Grocery Bags, T-shirts, Discounts.

On the Farm

Growing Farmers:
Being a farmer is hard and the hours are long, but the work is rewarding. Its one of those jobs that you have for the lifestyle as much as anything else. I always try to go about my business in a way that my kids will be able to see the virtues this profession. Like when we are able to witness the birth of a baby calf, or play for hours on end with baby chicks, or feel the gentle nudge of a cow that wants some affection,or see the look on the face of a customer as they purchase a product with our name on it. Likewise, I never try to hide the hard part. Like the long hours, the unpredictable weather, the shared sacrifices of our family, or the inevitable hollow feeling when we loose a precious animal. Even though they see the ups and downs, our children are definitely drawn to the lifestyle. Right now its not our job to guide them toward a career path. Rather, we are trying to raise strong, smart, responsible, respectful, confident, and courageous humans.  If the road of life brings any of them back to the farm for their occupation, then I will be happy to work alongside them. If life takes them in other directions, I will be their biggest supporter. Acknowledging all that, it sure did make this daddy smile to see what my boy wanted written on his sign at preschool graduation. 
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Thanks for your continued support. At Carlton Farms we are proud to be your farmer.


Chad Carlton
Carlton Farms
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