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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Grill, I think I love you ...

Dear LocalHarvest Customer,

The Memorial Day holiday marks a much-anticipated moment in the cycle of our calendar: the approach of summer. Soon, for many, it will be summer vacation. That means spending more time outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and good company. And busting out the barbecue.

LocalHarvest features a number of specialty meat producers who provide us with top-quality cuts that you'll love to prepare on the grill. Prairie Pride Farm offers tender pork ribs, perfect for smoking or slow-grilling, and Shepherd Song Farm, growers of grass-fed, pasture raised lamb, tout great lamb riblets for barbecued lamb chops.

We had a fantastic show of lychee love after our last email, so Farmer Bob at Fresh Gardens has decided to extend his special offer of buy one box, get one box half-off on lychees through the end of June. With the grill in mind, we found a scrumptious grilled lychee recipe from Serious Eats, along with an alluring grilled rambutan cocktail. Rambutan, a super-cute pom-pom shaped version of lychee, are also currently available from Fresh Gardens at regular price.

Grill on!!

-- The LocalHarvest Team