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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Back to School Fun for Everyone!


Hello, Friends!


Back to School Farm Adventure Day!

Get in the final fun before the kids go back to school!

What a treat to come out with family and friends to enjoy the morning on the farm right before school begins.

We have put so much work in this summer to update the farm. But we kept the same fun and interactive stations the community has enjoyed.

Meet some of our new animals! Enjoy the petting zoo, milk a goat, dig for worms, groom a pony, take a tractor ride, see our garden, and have a picnic!

And sign up the day of Farm Adventure Day to ride a pony for only $5.00!

Join us on Friday, August 3rd, from 10am-12pm.

See you there!

Get the early bird special to save $5.00


For delicious, picture-perfect fall crops of spinach, lettuce, peas, kale and broccoli, now's the time to plant.

Hoping for a Great Garden this Fall?

Join Tony, an 8th generation farmer and lead instructor of the Sustainable Urban Agricultural program at Gwinnett Technical College, to learn you how you can have a garden and eat it, too!

This awesome workshop series is only $79 and will include 4 classes that are 2 hours each on the following dates from 6pm to 8pm:

August 16
August 23
August 30
September 6

For additional information call or email Tony Gobert at 770-480-9887 or


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Garden News

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The Three Sisters
The three sisters include three specific crops used as a method of companion planting in agriculture that we have learned from Native Americans. The crops are corn, beans, and squash.

These plants benefit each other with each having its own function. The corn is sown first as it stands tall and stalky. Then the beans and squash are planted around the corn. The corn then is used for the vining beans which help return the needed nitrogen into the soil. The squash acts as a ground cover to retain moisture and block sunlight to eliminate weeds.

But did you know there is also a fourth sister?
If you look closely in the picture you may just see it. It's Sister Sunflower! She helps attract pollinators and entices the birds to take her seeds in effort to leave her other sisters alone.

Check out next week's article to see which Sister Squash we used in our garden. She's a native to northern Georgia.

Cucumber on Trellis

How fast they grow!

It seemed like it was just yesterday when we first sowed our cucumber seeds in our garden. How we cared for it with plenty of water, sunlight, and weeding. With all the love, it quickly grew and needed a trellis so soon.

Happily we provided support along with a little guidance and direction. We could then step back and take a look to see it quickly blossom.

It's exciting to know that soon all the effort would pay off and the time will come to enjoy the fruit of our labor. But wait, is cucumber a fruit, or is it a vegetable?

Hmm... That's a discussion we will save for next week.

Female Flower

Female Flower that will become the cucumber when pollinated

Cucumber Blossom

The male flower


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