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Friday, July 6, 2018

How old are your eggs?


Hello, Friends!

20180706 104308

Hydroponics has been converted to the wonder worms

Things are changing and for the better

We are so excited for all the work that has been done around the farm! One of our big projects was relocating the worm bins to a more convenient place by our garden. What's even more exciting is our upcoming additions of showing you more ways you can compost.

As we continue to spruce up, we can't wait for you to see all the improvements and updated education stops!

Watch out for our upcoming Farm Adventure Day. Details coming soon!

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Cucumbers sowed 6/19 in a row

Grow with Us!

We mentioned that we are starting a new series on the farm to allow you the opportunity and encouragement to garden! This summer we started late, but we are going week by week as we grow from seed organic hybrid burpless cucumbers! Whooph! That's a mouthful!
On June 19th, we sowed seeds about 12 inches apart, and now they're about 2 inches tall.
But we left one spot and sowed one more seed on Tuesday, July 3rd. And on Friday July 6th, the seed has sprouted.
Due to the high temps and low rain, we water everyday.
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3 week old cucumber plant

Cucumber seed

Seed sowed on 7/3

20180706 104724

Cucumber sprout from 7/3 sowing


Sign your child up for Summer Camp on our farm!

small group

Alegre Farm Summer Camp is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about life on the farm.

During this 3 day, morning camp, we will feed and care for all our animals each day. Campers will help collect fresh eggs and learn how to take care of chickens. We will groom, ride, and even bathe our ponies. We will learn about goat care through feeding, grooming, and milking our nanny goats.
Campers will tend to and harvest items from our garden and spend time cooking and eating using our fresh herbs and vegetables. They will see what living on a farm is really like. We will also take nature walks, create some animal arts and crafts, perform science experiments, and many more fun activities.

The remaining dates are:

7/9-7/11: 5 spots remain
7/23-7/25: 7 spots remain

Say no to the tablet and yes to the good ol' outdoors

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Chickens of Alegre Farm

Eggs! A great start to the morning and an easy way to add some veggies to your family's breakfast.

But did you know that where you purchase your eggs can make a difference in its nutritional value including vitamins and proteins?

MOTHER EARTH NEWS has performed tests on chicken eggs from various states that reveal hens raised on pasture contain:

Chickens and lamb

Buddy, our bottle fed lamb, joins the chickens for lunch

▪ 1/3 less cholesterol
▪ 1/4 less saturated fat
▪ 2/3 more vitamin A
▪ Two times more omega-3 fatty acids
▪ Three times more vitamin E
▪ Seven times more beta carotene
▪ 3-6xs more Vitamin D
1/3 less cholesterol
1/4 less saturated fat
2/3 more vitamin A
Two times more omega-3 fatty acids
Three times more vitamin E
Seven times more beta carotene
3-6xs more Vitamin D

Eggs can be around 2 months old in the supermarket

That sounds pretty old, huh? We'll explain how you can estimate how old eggs are in the grocery store next week.

Not here! At Alegre Farm and other local farms, we gather eggs every morning. In fact the chickens of Alegre Farm receive feed from the garden and fresh goat's milk. What a life!

And by buying local eggs you're supporting local farms, which can only benefit your area. Place an order below to see the difference.


Support Your Local Farms and Businesses

We provide the community convenient access to nutrient dense, organically grown foods and healthy products. We are adding new items all the time so please check back weekly.

We are expecting a new product next week, so check back in!!

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Farm Fresh Eggs


Fresh Raw Milk


Locally Brewed Kombucha


All natural handmade lip balms, soaps, and more!

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We want to share those happy moments with you!

At Alegre Farm, sharing happy moments is our nature. This is a place to celebrate special occasions in the rustic backdrop of a 15-acre working farm. We are proud to be part of many happy moments from elegant rustic weddings to birthday parties and corporate events, Alegre Farm is the perfect setting to create special moments.

Contact to have your next event with us!

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