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Friday, July 13, 2018

We're at it again!


Hello, Friends!

New Animal

Can you guess what this animal is?

Last week, Alegre Farm adopted a goat and her 3 month old doeling. Many times we are asked to to care for animals that can longer be kept in their homes. When we can, we gladly accept and welcome them to Alegre Farm.

However, taking in any animal comes at a cost, especially when it is a barn animal. That is why we appreciate parents who are able to attend their children's field trips and decide to attend our Open Farm Adventure Days. Your support allows us to continue to become a forever home and an educational farm for those in the community, including our young.

That is why we give a big thank you to everyone who attended our last Farm Adventure Day.

Look Below for our next one!

We are always excited to hold these events and continue to invest it back into the farm so we can only progress in our educational stations. Here are some pictures from June's Farm Adventure Day below:


Goat Milking Station


Pet a Pony Station


Back to School Farm Adventure Day!

Come visit us before the kids head back to school!!!

Did you miss the last one? Well, we're at it again!

It's not too late to join us this summer in our upcoming Farm Adventure Day held on Friday, August 3rd, from 10am-12pm.

We hope you can attend! Get the early bird special to save $5.00. Here is the link below:


Nicole and Noah share their Friday Face contest photo

Congratulations to our Friday Face Winner!

Last Friday we held our second Friday Face contest, and today we announced our winners, Nicole and her son, Noah.

We thank everyone who took a moment to have fun with us and hope to continue future contests like this.

Just remember to follow us on Facebook for the latest news and contests.

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Grow Cucumbers with Us! 1 week later

It never ceases to amaze us how quickly some plants can grow. Only one week has passed and the seedling has emerged with its seed leaves, and we await till it's true leaves appear. It's been very hot, so it has been receiving a lot of water.

Next to the seedling, you can see just how much the other cucumber plants have grown and how large its leaves are. Soon, likely next week, we will place a trellis and guide them to grow upward.

Hmm... Maybe we will have a vote on Facebook to let you decide what type of trellis we'll use.

One of the cucumbers planted earlier in June is falling short. It's the one that we transplanted last week to make space for the seed. However, it's still going. We'll see how it does over the next few weeks. Hopefully, it stays strong enough or some bugs may come as opportunists to devour the weak one.

To see more videos, images, and explanations, follow us on Facebook!

1 week part 2

1 week seedling has its seed leaves

Cucumber Part 2

Cucumber plants need a trellis soon.


Last Chance for Summer Camp!

small group

Alegre Farm Summer Camp is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about life on the farm.

During this 3 day, morning camp, we will feed and care for all our animals each day. Campers will help collect fresh eggs and learn how to take care of chickens. We will groom, ride, and even bathe our ponies and have hands-on goat care. Campers will tend to and harvest items from our garden and spend time cooking and eating using our fresh herbs and vegetables.

Last summer camp date:

7/23-7/25: 9 spots remain

Egg Age

Egg cartons have numbers and dates to identify the age

Last week we discussed farm fresh eggs versus going to the grocery store. We explained that eggs might be about 2 months old when you buy them at the local grocer.

But there is a way to have an idea how old the eggs you buy really are. Here's how:
Each carton has a sell by date. But each carton also has numbers that appear to be random. However, the one we care about today is a 3 digit number. Can you identify it in the picture? They're the numbers 147,154, and 165.

These numbers mean the day they were packed. For example, number 147 can be interpreted as May 27th! It doesn't mean that is the day the eggs were laid, gathered, or washed before being placed in the box.

Can you figure out what days the others eggs were packed?


Support Your Local Farms and Businesses

We provide the community convenient access to nutrient dense, organically grown foods and healthy products. We are adding new items all the time so please check back weekly.

We are expecting a new product next week, so check back in!!

Please remember to order by 5pm Wednesdays for the same week pick up.


Farm Fresh Eggs


Fresh Raw Milk


Locally Brewed Kombucha


All natural handmade lip balms, soaps, and more!

If you have any questions about are market or ordering, please contact


We want to share those happy moments with you!

At Alegre Farm, sharing happy moments is our nature. This is a place to celebrate special occasions in the rustic backdrop of a 15-acre working farm. We are proud to be part of many happy moments from elegant rustic weddings to birthday parties and corporate events, Alegre Farm is the perfect setting to create special moments.

Contact to have your next event with us!

field trips

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