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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Wait Is Over ... Fresh Dates Are In!

Dear LocalHarvest Customer,

Many of us wait all year for the Khalal date season, when fresh, crunchy just-ripe palm dates are first harvested. Each year in late summer Pato's Dream Date Gardens, a family-run date farm in the desert of Southern California, offers their exceptional organically grown fresh dates through LocalHarvest. The time has come! These sell fast, so be sure to place your order now.

If you are not yet familiar with fresh dates, they will be delivered to you on the branch bearing beautiful golden clusters of honey-sweet fruit. Fresh dates start out crunchy and slightly astringent, then ripen on the branch to become syrupy, honeyed mouthfuls of delight. They are fabulous eaten plain, but fresh dates also pair well with a spread of fine cheeses and nuts. 'Khalals' are truly a seasonal delicacy and not to be missed!


-- The LocalHarvest Team