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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Introducing the world's first grass-fed beef chili made with bone broth

Can we be real for a second?

Can we talk about the 800-lb gorilla in the room of "living a healthy lifestyle" that everyone knows about, but hardly acknowledges?

If you're committed to a healthy lifestyle, there aren't 10,000 problems you need to solve. There's only one, and it's this:

"How can I find healthy, energizing foods that are so delicious, I actually want to eat them?"

Our friends at Kettle & Fire have the solution to this very question. You've probably heard of their world-class bone broth -- it's exceptionally well-made with slow-simmered, grass-fed bones and vegetables. Kettle & Fire went a step further to create meals made with their bone broth that are nutritionally complete, mouth-watering, easy to prepare, and zero guilt.

Introducing Kettle & Fire's first-rate grass-fed beef chili made with bone broth. It's a whole-food enticing chili that is packed with the best healthy proteins and fats to keep you feeling satisfied and excited about your meals. And the prep time is only 5 minutes. It's simply never been this easy to enjoy a nutritionally dense meal that makes you feel good.

For a limited time, Kettle & Fire is offering LocalHarvest subscribers 15% off their beef chili made with bone broth. Use code BEEFCHILI15 to get this special deal! Try it -- you'll be glad you did.