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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Open Farm Day coming up!


Alegre is Spanish for Happiness

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Friday, October 5th at 10am

School will be out, but we will be open!
Come with family and friends to join us at Alegre Farm for fun at our hands-on, interactive education stations!
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Tuesday, September 18th

Do you have a small class or group that is looking for an exciting field trip?

Alegre Farm presents Discount Days. This allows groups of 5 or more to enjoy the same experiences as larger classrooms.

Contact for more info!


Click to visit our photo gallery to see the camp fun!

Monday, October 8th from 9am-12pm

Don't let them sit at home!

Children and parents are welcome to experience life on the farm! Help us care for the animals and explore our education stations! Click the link below for more details.

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No Lice Here!


We have an easy way to deter lice from your child.

School is here, but lice doesn't have to be!

Oh, the dreadful thought of your child having it! Well, erase that thought because we say, "Give lice a kick to the curb!"

Try this one simple and natural way to repel lice from being a pest in your child's hair: Add Tea Tree Oil to your shampoo and/or conditioner.

Really. It's that easy. The scent of tea tree oil will prevent lice from nesting in their hair.

If you're not sure on what brand of essential oil, consider DoTERRA.

High Standards means High Quality


Part II


It's an acquired taste!

Remember the ease of having your infant eat almost every vegetable you gave them. Many of those veggie smells were less than delightful, but it was a great feeling knowing that they were getting the nutrition they needed.

But time went on, and cookies and cupcakes became their first choice. Veggies became an option. How did it get to this point?

We've heard that if you don't like something, try it again later. Our taste buds change as time passes, and we may find ourselves surprised that the olives we previously passed on has become a favorite topping. Okay, well maybe we all haven't gotten to that point. But you could.

Taste can be acquired. In fact, studies show that after 15 days of trying a food, a child will develop a change in taste. Begin with a small piece and offer it everyday. Yes, they may resist at first, but at the end they should be used to it.

Up for the challenge?

Let's do it together! Pick a vegetable for your child and join us on Facebook as we will run a 15 day challenge.

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Harbins Elementary School

Last Thursday, Alegre Farm participated in Harbins Elementary School Career Day. It was wonderful to teach the children what farmers do and let them meet our goat and hen!

Harbins has great programs as part of their STEAM program. We hope to share more with you next week!

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Green and Healthy Schools

This Thursday Lovin Elementary is hosting a local initiative that connects teachers to programs they can incorporate at their schools and their curriculum that results in a greener and healthier natural world.

Alegre Farm will be there to meet teachers and inform them more of our field trip opportunities.

Click here to learn more about this initiative!


Support Your Local Economy


raw milk


fresh eggs

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raw honey


Kind regards,
Your Team at Alegre Farm

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