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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Seeds of Wellness

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Not too Late to register for the upcoming QiGong and Meditation Series!!! 

If you are needing more movement, meditation, and motivation in your life this is a perfect series. Introductory classes on ways to reduce stress, and work on your Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit. Classes are designed for everyone. Unlike Yoga, the gentle movements of QiGong are for everyone including those in a wheelchair or unable to stand or walk for long periods.  If you have questions regarding the classes feel free to email, text or call! Limited availability. 

**2019 Professional and Home Herbalist Course Dates will be Coming Soon!!                                                404-895-1302

QiGong 4-week series   
Cost: $125**for the 4 week class

November: 7, 14, 21, 28 
10AM to 11AM

@ The Blue Barn in Roswell!!!!

Qi (chee):  air, breath of life (vital energy) that flows through all things in the universe.
Gong:         cultivating, self-discipline, and achievement.
Qigong:     is a mind-body practice that improves the mental and physical wellness by integrating postures, breathing techniques, and intention.

Designed to introduce and teach a form of moving meditation. This introduction QiGong class will teach you the basics and essentials of QiGong. This class will go over the three basic principles of:
  • Controlling the Body
  • Controlling Qi
  • Controlling the Mind
We will work through foundation using exercises to guide you from theory to practice. As we move through the class I will tailor moves to benefit your unique situation and needs of your body for home practice.
In this introductory class we will focus on posture, alignment, relaxation, balance, breath, and intent.

What is QiGong used for:  and what are the benefits: QiGong helps to opens the flow of energy in meridians and helps to reduce inflammation.  Slow and gentle movements warm tendons, ligaments, and muscles; tonify vital organs and connective tissue; and promote circulation of body fluids.

What are the benefits of QiGong: Improved mood, stress and anxiety reduction, positive influence on physical health, Increased energy and stamina, enhanced flexibility and agility.

Who should attend: QiGong has a positive influence on everyone, the young and elderly. I can modify the class to accommodate those who can not stand. QiGong is perfect for those desiring to clear their mind or having difficulty maintaining focus, desire to improve overall wellness and agility, and so many others!
To register:

Seeds of Wellness
S.O.W. Institute
Roswell Farmers Market
Introduction to Meditation 4-week series                          Cost: $225

November: 7, 14, 21, 28 
11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

@ The Blue Barn in Roswell!!!!

Life is hectic, busy, messy. Living at a constant chaotic and rushed pace day in and day out is not beneficial. We are not designed for this constant stress and permanent state of feeling overwhelmed, stimulated, and anxious.

For most this is the norm and life is a constant stream of stress. Our immediate environment and state of mind is just as important for our overall wellness as what we put in and on our bodies.
Join me for this 4-week introduction class on Meditation. What is Meditation? How do I meditate if I already don't have any free time? Explore the connection of
Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit.
This class is for you if:
  • You are new to Meditation
  • You are looking for new ways to reduce and manage stress
  • You are looking for ways to Improve your focus
  • You are looking to sharpen your communication
  • You operate in a fast paced, high stress environment and looking for easy tools to be more effective by reducing stress
  • You find yourself getting distracted and wasting time
  • You want to manage your emotions more effectively
What will be covered:
  • Meditation techniques: NO DOGMA, NO Weird Positions, NO Religion
  • Meditation session at the end of each class
  • Opportunity to explore questions that arise during meditation
  • Find your own meditation position.
  • What is meditation and how it can enhance your wellbeing
  • How stress effects your health and mental function
  • Common challenges that will arise when beginning meditation and how to overcome obstacles
  • How to use your breath to reduce stress
  • Mini-meditation sessions for home or office
  • How to quiet internal chatter
  • Being less critical of your self
  • Weekly check in email
  • Printed material of key points of each class
  • 10-minute guided meditation to use at home
To Register:
Seeds of Wellness,
S.O.W. Institute,
Roswell Farmers Market
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