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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Speciality garlic to get excited about ...

There's garlic, and then there's garlic. We mean choice, fresh, flavorful garlic! There's fiery garlic. There's spicy garlic, mild, sweet … it all depends on the variety. Lucky for us, Allicin's Ranch, of Moyie Springs, Idaho grows some of the finest specialty culinary and seed garlic, available now through LocalHarvest.

Here's what fans of Allicin's Ranch garlic are saying:

"Amazing garlic. We couldn't be happier!"

"We love this garlic. Mild yet very flavorful. Perfectly fine eaten minced in a salad or used in cooking. And we have to give kudos to Allicins Ranch for the ultimate in customer service. They are second to none."

Don't miss out -- now is the time to get seasonal specialty garlic. You'll find gems like Chesnok Red (great for cooking), Bogatyr (hot & spicy), and Music (sweet, large bulbs) .. to name just a few.


-- The LocalHarvest Team