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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ankarsrum Mixer DEMO Special

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Limited Qty's.  First Come, First Choice

We recently sponsored the World Food Championship in Orange Beach, AL.

As a result, we have about 30 slightly used Ankarsrum Mixers available for $500/each.  The boxes might be smudged, there might be a scratch on the mixer or bowl, etc.  But, they will all be complete units with the 7 year warranty.  We will check them for completeness before they ship.

We have about 30 mixers available, first come/first choice basis.  If you want one, please email us at, with a subject line of "WFC Mixer".  List your first and second choice of colors.  We will verify what we have and let you know.  Then we can get your payment, shipping info etc.

This deal is good while supplies last!  No other deals/discounts can be used with these mixers.  We do have lots of new accessories in stock if you want them too (flake mill, grain mill, pasta rollers, etc.

For representative pictures (new equipment), look on our website at

Red - 1
Sparkling Gold - 2
Shiny Lilac - 2
White - 1
Creme - 1
Pure Orange - 2
Royal Blue - 2
Black Diamond - 6
Black Chrome - 6
Light Creme - 2
Pearl Green - 2
Pearl Pink 2


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