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Saturday, December 15, 2018

New Journeys Bring New Ideas for Alegre Farm

My Trip to Costa Rica

I hope through my travels I can bring new experiences to share with you at Alegre Farm

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Volcano Arenal

Hello Everyone!

Before I begin telling you about my trip, I want to give a big thank you to everyone for the support you provide to Alegre Farm.

From its inception in 2004, my vision was to connect my family back to nature and healthy living. With my enthusiasm in wellness and sustainable farming and the desire to help others have better lives, the farm quickly developed to have outreach programs in the community with tours, field trips, and workshops.

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Vanilla Bean Orchid

But with a mind that doesn't let me rest from thinking of different ideas that can be brought to the farm, my latest journey brought me to Costa Rica.

While there, the agriculturist in me made this trip an opportunity to visit many eco-friendly farms that use sustainable agriculture practices. I learned more on regenerative farming and mountain microorganisms (MMO) that enrich the soil as nature intended.

And being a supporter and maker of fermented products like kefir and kombucha, I took special interest in mountain microorganisms. Because just like fermented foods that build beneficial microbes for our gut, MMOs add the much needed microbes in the soil. It's really amazing to know everything that is going on deep within the soil!

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Cacao Plants - Did someone say chocolate?

And if you don't already know, I'll let you know now: I am a huge supporter of healthy soil. My motto is "The healthier the soil, the healthier the plant." With that in mind, I hope to share more with you on the farm and through my letters.

20181123 105719

Grinding Coffee! Who wants a cup?

But going back to my travels, I also visited farms that make coffee and chocolate. It was a great experience and reminded me of my Colombian roots. I thought of you while enjoying these tours and how I would love to share some beautiful parts of my culture in the same way at Alegre Farm. Only time will tell...

These past 14 years have been a journey, and I'm excited for things yet to come. I hope that my passion is contagious to all of you because you are the motivation that brings Alegre Farm along.

Once again thank you for your support throughout the years.


Pilar Quintero
Owner of Alegre Farm

20181123 110430

Fresh Coffee Roasting

20181126 144612

Soiless Strawberries: Here they produce enormous amounts of strawberries using coconut coir as the grow medium

20181123 141308

Always time to go horseback riding!

The beautiful view you see on top with the rainbow is from the hotel we stayed at. It was absolutely stunning. If you're interested in visting, the link below will take you to their Facebook page.

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