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Monday, December 10, 2018

Newsletter 12-10-18

At Carlton Farms, we humanely and organically utilize domestic animals to produce the nutritious food we provide for our community.
Delivery News
Milk and Egg Supply:
Both milk and eggs are still in short supply. As I have mentioned before we have several cows in the dry period (the 2 months before they have a calf). Shortly after those calves are born we will see a nice increase in milk production. The calving process has started, but not quite enough yet for a substantial increase.
As for eggs, kinda the same story. We have new hens that have just started to lay eggs. When they reach full production in the next few weeks, we should start to see an ample supply of eggs.
I would definitely recommend ordering milk and eggs early in the week.

Also, you may have seen an email from my wife, Julie, last week. She is an ambassador for Noonday. This is an organization that promotes artisanal jewelry and products made by hand in developing countries. It is a great organization and they have really cool and unique items that make great gifts with a purpose. If you missed that email you can check out her page here.

On the Farm
Ducks will be available for your Christmas Meal:

Over the summer we started to grow our first batch of Ducks and they did wonderfully, since we had such ideal growing conditions this year. They were fairly easy to keep and beautiful to watch enjoying the pond. Some of you have enjoyed the duck eggs, we had great feedback from y'all. Now it is time to process them. This week you will be able to pre-order the ducks for your Christmas meal. If you have never had duck it offers tender, mild meat and adapts to a wide range of flavor profiles and recipes. In a word, delicious!

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Thanks for your continued support. At Carlton Farms we are proud to be your farmer.

Chad Carlton
Carlton Farms