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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Superfoods from Northwest Wild!

We're excited to share Northwest Wild Foods with you. Here's why:

Northwest Wild Foods is a family-owned business located near the stunning Cascade mountains of the Pacific Northwest. With Northwest Wild the good just keeps getting better. For over 20 years, they've provided their customers with only the finest wild foods, like smoked salmon, amazing superfoods berries, wild mushrooms, and wild-crafted syrups and preserves.

Their signature berry, the Little Wild Blackberry, is hand-picked in the mountains every summer. Northwest Wild also offers specialty wild berries like blue and red huckleberries, wild blueberries and mulberries (and much more). Why try these unique foods? Not only are they sweet and flavorful, they're full of important nutrients that support your everyday health.

Don't miss browsing the Northwest Wild store - it's packed with delicious wild foods from the mountains to the sea. You'll find great gift ideas for this holiday season, and when you shop, you'll be supporting an exceptional family business with sustainable harvesting practices.


-- The LocalHarvest Team