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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Chile peppers in January? You bet.

Some gardeners love roses. Some swoon for seasonal garlic. Dedicated summer gardeners start dreaming of their prized peppers in January. So, calling all chile pepper and heirloom tomato lovers -- we've got some great specialty chile peppers and tomato seeds! Now is the time to get your order in.

Wayland Chiles is a small, family run farm dedicated to biodiversity, saving and packaging seeds from rare and heirloom chiles and tomatoes. Their seeds are grown in isolation, ensuring the plants you grow are true to the variety. One of my favorites is Jimmy Nardello - a beautiful, spiraling, medium-long sweet roasting pepper.

Refining Fire Chiles are growers of specialty peppers, heirloom vegetables and hard-to-find plant varieties. They've got extremely hot peppers (grab your gloves, folks!) as well as milder frying peppers, like Shishito, and Piment d'Espalette, a Basque pepper used in cooking or in dried form.


-- The LocalHarvest Team