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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Heritage Farm -- A letter from your farmer....please read


As the old year rings out and the new year comes in we find ourselves grateful for all the support, friendships and business from years past and looking optimistically ahead to our 10th season in 2019!! We thank you wholeheartedly for the successes we have enjoyed and the support you have given our farm, family and staff.

With what is now being reported and one of the wettest years recorded in Georgia 2018 turned out to be one of the most difficult produce production years we have ever had. We lost roughly 60% of our annual production due to molds, flooded fields and seed erosion. The wet weather also contributed to infrastructure problems (erosion, washed out fences and animal husbandry challenges) that we are just beginning to address this winter.

The unpredictable weather was one of the main reasons we decided not to offer vegetable or meat CSA's in 2019. Seeing how the amount and frequency of weather changes often disrupt harvests and processing schedules we felt like customers tired somewhat of the constant schedule adjustments. For 2019 we decided an a la carte based approach would fit our farm best and hopefully work better for all of you!

As of this writing we are currently $9,250.00 away from meeting our 2019 1st quarter(aka winter) operations goal. We have many projects and purchases already underway but we also have many more to go. We have a resident intern coming in a week or so to stay for the next 60 days and help us with the labor so that we can be ready to hit the ground running at the beginning of the 2019 Spring market season.

For 2019 we are bringing on 500 more layers, a new animal feeding area, refurbished chicken tractors, replacing washed out and tree laden fencing and adding a shaded birthing area for our hogs. In addition we have all the normal livestock, feeds, seeds, fertilizer, tools, plants etc..etc.. to get purchased and in the ground. So it is a BUSY 90 days ahead!!!

To get all this funded we rely solely on product sales and farm share investments from you, our beloved friends and farm supporters. We do not take commercial loans or do any type of government grant program. Right now we have a HUGE clean out the freezer sale (of which you get immediate return) and we have our annual farm share sale (which you get deferred return). These two sales are critical to us meeting our 2019 start up budget. The coupon for the current discounted sale is here January Sale and the link to order the farm shares are here Farm Share . We are hoping you will take the time to look at these sales and see if there is something that will fit your needs and budget for early 2019.

We have some great new products coming in 2019 including a new line of poultry linked sausages (duck, turkey and chicken) a few new pork sausages, year round turkey availability, lots more eggs and, lord willing, some great produce items as well.

With great thanks and wishes for a Happy New Year!


The Hutchins Family
Heritage Farm

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