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Monday, May 13, 2019

Carlton Farms Newsletter

At Carlton Farms, we humanely and organically utilize domestic animals on grass to produce the nutritious food we provide for our community.
Delivery News
Home delivery should be back in action this week.
Milk and Egg Supply
Spring Egg sale. The hens are working overtime, so we get to share their bountiful production with you. While production is at "Spring" levels, eggs are $5 per dozen. This probably will only last a few weeks, so stock up now.

Milk is still in adequate supply, as the girls have been producing good after our early 2019 calf crop. Plenty of milk available to order, and some extra available at the Mobile Market locations.
Product's of the week.
One from Carlton Farms, and one from our food producing friends. Just a little something that we have been enjoying lately and thought you may like also.
The Incredible Edible Egg is the Carlton Farms Product of the week, and they are on sale for $5/dz. Eggs are naturally plentiful in the springtime, so we want to share the bounty with you. Our chickens are pasture raised and fed a non-gmo diet. Click here to go straight to our egg Page
Strawberries are at peak production, so we have more than we had in the past couple weeks. enjoy them while you can, the season is short. If you want to freeze a few now would be the perfect time.

Home delivery fees: 
We are constantly trying to improve our delivery efficiency, so that we can deliver to your home for the least possible cost. You want to keep your family healthy by feeding them the "good stuff", and we understand that. We want to enable you to make those good food decisions in a way that is convenient and cost effective. In that spirit we are decreasing the price of one of the home delivery tiers. An order over $100 can now arrive on your doorstep for 7.99. This makes our complete home delivery pricing schedule as follows:
Order Over $150 = $5.99
Order Over $100 = $7.99
Order Over $50 = $9.99
Order Under $50 = $14.99
Unfortunately the Prime membership that we offered in the past proved to be unsustainable. If you are a prime member, we will gladly honor the remainder of your 1 year membership. Thanks, we hope you continue to enjoy the best local farm fresh food delivered conveniently to your door. 
Mobile Market

  • Meet at a designated mobile market location at a designated time
  • Pick-up your order or shop our a-la-carte selection
  • No Delivery fee
  • Locations: Dunwoody, Buford, Cumming, Roswell, Woodstock, Marietta, Powder Springs, East Atlanta, Stone Mountain
Home Delivery
  • Delivered directly to your door. Most orders get home delivery for $9.99
  • Packed in a cooler with cold packs. You do not need to be home to receive.
  • Fee Schedule:
  • <$50 order = $14.99
  • $50-$150 = $9.99
  • >$150 = $5.99
Join the Conversation
A few weeks ago we created a Facebook Group. Originally the thought was to connect people that wanted to create a private drop-off. That's still one of the objectives of this group, but it seems to me that this group may be useful in other ways. Some of my thoughts for types of things to share on this group would be:
  • Sharing recipes
  • How to prepare a specific cut of meat
  • How do I peal a fresh boiled egg
  • What is this veggie, how do I prepare it
  • How do yall make cheese, yogurt, kefir
  • Sharing of started culture
There is no limit to the conversations that could come up. Hopefully this can become a place where like minded people to share ideas and stories. No negativity. Just practical advice about farm fresh eating.

On the Farm
We love our community and were thrilled when a new farmers market started in beautiful downtown Rome. If you are in the area come see us. You can also place an online order for pick up at the farmers market.

Between the Rivers Farmers Market
Saturday (May-Oct)
8-11:30 am
Bridgepoint Plaza
Broad St., Rome

Also, In case you didn't know. We archive all of my "On the Farm" articles in blog form. You can find those on our website. Click here to read our Blog, "Shooting the Bull".

We are constantly sharing the goings on at Carlton Farms via our social media pages. Become social with us on:  
instagram @carltonfarm
Twitter @carltonfarm
Thanks for your continued support. At Carlton Farms we are proud to be your farmer.

Chad Carlton
Carlton Farms